5 Ways to Check the Quality of Your Diamond

Diamond is among the valuable stones used in jewelry to increase someone’s beauty and class. There are several categories of diamond possessing different characteristics. In the market, you’ll find diamonds of various sizes, shapes, and colors. All these are factors that you must consider to select the best diamond.

It’s, therefore, necessary to distinguish these characteristics that you have a chance to purchase the best. In this article, we shall discuss five ways through which one can tell the value of the gold when making purchases. Some of the questions you need to ask include;

1. Is the stone certified?

Every diamond stone should hold a certificate. It’s good to ensure that the document is from a certified authority. Make sure that the certificate available is up-t-date. If this is not the case, there are chances that the stone possesses some issues.

2. Is the light passing through the rock?

It’s worth noting that diamonds consist of carbon. It means that their inner making will not allow light to pass through. It’s the reflection that makes them shiny. You can use a paper with writing to test the case. If you can see lines through the diamond when on top of the article, this is not diamond.

3. Is the diamond colorless?

If you want a high-quality diamond, it’s good to ensure that it appears colorless. If there are any colors, you can conclude that this is not a real diamond.

4. What are the temperatures when heated for 30 seconds?

 Heating diamond for at least 30 seconds, it should remain cold. If the temperature changes, it means that you’re not buying the real thing. The test is mandatory, and you should ensure that it gets done at your presence.

5. How does it disperse moisture?

You can test on this by breathing on the stone. A real diamond will disperse the moist at once keeping the stone clear.

These are some of the natural ways of testing diamond quality. If it fails to meet the five, you need to remain cautious. I hope that you find this information helpful in your shopping for diamond stones.

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